Live Casino


Feel as if you’re in the real casino with our thrilling 12 Balls Game. The instructions are easy! Look for the numbered ball on your game screen and bet with plenty of betting options!

*Note that each group has it betting limit required.

  • Numbers 1-12
  • Colors including Blue, Red, Yellow and Green
  • Odd or Even
  • Big or small

Monitor the “Round” on the right hand side of your screen, showing the number of rounds you’re playing, while the Gold number on the right hand side down is the countdown for the betting time limit. Your time is up when it reaches “0” and a numbered ball will come out.

Important Commands/Shortcuts

  • “HELP” button to understand every button’s function
  • “Statistics” button to play using hints
  • “Last 50” reveals game records, along with present ball shows, odd, even, big and small records
  • “Bet unit” can be chosen to bet unit, not numbers, colors…
  • “Clear All” clears present bets made
  • “Clear One” clears your last hand bet
  • “B&S, E&O, Color win” reveals your winning points on small, big, even, odd and colors
  • “Show last bet” shows last hand bet result
  • “Rebet” repeats your last round bet
  • “Win” reveals your bet win points
  • “Total win” shows the present rounds total winning points overall
  • “Bet credit” is your total or remaining credits

“Bet” will show the present round’s total