Animal Party

Live Casino


Join the Animal Party and feel as if you’re one of these cute and colorful animals in an enjoyable animal-inspired online slot to play from home or anywhere. You can amp up the excitement by turning on the sounds and enjoying a sight full of cool graphics and game effects. Check out the following gameplay rules.

  • Choose from a wide range of betting options – Banker, Tie, Animal (Elephant, Tiger, Crocodile, Panda) or Color (Blue, Red, Green).
  • Bet minimum or Bet Max. For the JP min bet to activate, you need to bet 50, or bet on the Max single bet for 5000. For the Tie Bet, Banker Bet or Player Bet, place 10,000 bet.

For the button functions, “Use Layout” uses last saved layout, “Save Layout” saves current bets, “Confirm” confirms current bets, “Clear” clears all present bets, “Rebet” repeats your last round’s bet, or “Bet Unit” uses the bet unit instead of the bet area. Refer to the screenshots for a detailed account on each combos or symbol function.