Clown circus

Live Casino


You don’t have to wait for the circus to come to town to see and play with clowns!  They’re in one place – where you’ll have the chance to win a large pot of cold cash! Here are a few mechanics and rules:

  • In “Circus,” you’ll find nine (9) reels and eight (8) lines. To win, all you need are three matching symbols!
  • On the right hand side, you will find auto play options – free spins
  • On your game screen, you’ll find windows each with their corresponding roles. The “Win” for the number of wins, “Bet” for the total bets, and “Credit” for the remaining or total credits you have. That’s so easy!
  • Just understand the pay tables that determine the Normal Odds for the Main Game, Special Odds for the Main Game and Fever Odds for the Fever Game.
  • All pays on lit lines only in the Normal Odds; all pays on the lit symbols but only if you played at least a minimum bet for the Special Odds; and all pays on lit lines only for the Fever Odds.
  • A few other things to note: “Bet” to place bets, “Auto play” to bet and play automatically, “See Pays” for the pay tables and “Stop A, Stop B or Stop C” to stop a particular wheel.