Crazy worker

Live Casino


Funny and crazy, meet the Crazy Worker and win prizes! This online slot is a 5-reel and 25-line slot game with a bonus game, reel game and three jackpot games.



Main Game

  • The legitimate lines are counted from the left to the right, but the Scatter.
  • You can bet on as many lines as you wish.
  • Your total winnings are based on the paytable. [Line win is equal to the line bet multiplied by a specific multiplier. Check the paytable by clicking the “Info” page].
  • The wild symbol can substitute for any symbol, but the JP, bonus and scatter symbols.

Free Game

  • Getting three scatter symbols will trigger the Free Game.
  • Choose one Scatter and win a specific number of free spins.
  • The win and loss ratio are the same as that in the main game.
  • An additional Free Game or a JP cannot be activated in the Free Game.

Bonus Game

  • If two bonus symbols show up on the reels on active paylines, you can enter the KO Boss bonus game.
  • Choose a weapon and throw it at the KO Boss in the four rounds, but miss and your game will end.
  • Your total bonus is the Multiplier X your total bet.


You will activate the winning JP on the active payline when you qualify by betting a minimum amount. [Three JP symbols, JP3; four, JP2; or five, JP1]