Dog race

In real world games, you probably have tried greyhound-racing games and found it exciting. Now, how would you like the sound of dog racing from home? Yes, you got that right! You don’t need to go to the local bookmaker and bet but just play and have the chance to win in our 3D Dog Race.

  • In the main game, you will find 5 – 7 dogs in every round. You can get credits if you predicted the winning dog in the first and second dogs correctly.
  • “Bonus” – If you predicted the number shown in the bonus table located in the “Menu” correctly, the prize multiplier will be equal to the prize multiplier appearing in the Bet Table + Prize Multiplier in the Bonus Table. The Bonus Prize Multipliers are X5, X10, X50, X100 and X300.
  • Two dogs finishing at the same time: The prize multiplier is equal to the prize combination of the first and the second place prize. For example, if six dogs race, the first place are TWO DOGS – #1 and #2, and then dog #3 is second place , the prize amount will be equal to (1-2) (1-3) (2-3).
  • Golden Dog: It is the first place dog. The prize multiplier will be all prizes combined of the second place prize. For example, six dogs raced, the golden dog wins and the second place dog is #5. The total prize = (1-5) (2-5) (3-5) (4-5)
  • Refer to the ODDS table for a complete description of each “Bet” and its corresponding “Win.”