Fan Tan

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Fan Tan the traditional Chinese and Asian favorites gambling game is now available with our Gclub online casino service. Our version of this age old game is played with 200 – 500 buttons. The banker places a set of buttons on the table then cover it a bowl. Then the pile is removed four buttons at a time until the last 4 or less is left. In this game the player will guess how many buttons will be left by then in, four, three, two or one once the bowl has covered the buttons.


Betting odds

In Fan Tan the player may be up to three numbers on the winning last number. The more the player numbers the player choose in that round the less the payout. The payout odds are as below;

Single number bet 1 to 2.85
Two numbers bet 1 to 0.95
Three numbers bet 1 to 0.32