Fish master

There are plenty of fishes in the ocean, and so in the game that lets you catch a target to win a prize. Play the slot game that provides you with plenty of opportunities to win a prize in the different bonus sections, including the Lucky Spin and Torpedo.

  • Main rules: Select barrel strength in the “Strength Select” button to shoot in the barrel rotation direction. Press the “Firing” button to fire and shoot the target when the fishnet opens. Your score will be calculated based on the bullet strength x killed target odds.
  • Torpedo: If you killed a target, you might open the bonus game that activates randomly. Your bonus score will be calculated based on the dead targets x total Torpedo x Barrel Strength.
  • Lucky spin: It opens randomly when you killed a target. In the game menu, there are two sets of values. Click the firing button to stop the roll. Your bonus score will be calculated by multiplying the reels showing two sets of value by the barrel strength.
  • Jackpot: The JP will open randomly as you hit and killed a target. The JP prize will be based on the amount shown in the treasure box.