Fish Prawn Crab

Live Casino


The game Fish Prawn Crab is a traditional gambling game using three dice, played by multiple players in a traditional venue. Today, you’ll get your hands on its slot version in our Fish Prawn Crab game slot online. Here are the rules:

  • You have multiple betting options, including the six icons fish, prawn, crab, calabash, chicken or coin.
  • On the game table, you can bet on an area that you predict to show two identical icons.
  • You can also find the Min Bet and Max Bet options.
  • In the History section, you will find the last 40 rounds or game records you’ve played.
  • Button functions are “Bet Unit” means betting on a bet unit, not on a bet area, “Confirm” confirm current bets, “Cancel” clears present bets, “Clear One” clears last hand bet, and “Rebet” repeats last round’s bet.