Fruit bar

Live Casino


Be the star and hosts a slots party! The fruit-inspired reel slots are based on traditional fruit slot machines in Vegas, only better. Play the Fruit Bar and win a big prize for hitting matching symbols. The rules are pretty easy. Here we go.

  • Win a prize for getting three matching symbols on the same line.
  • There are Normal Odds on Paytable 1. For example, three blue “7s” is multiplied by 300, or three red “7s” is multiplied by 200. Hitting three Bell Symbols multiplies by 18 and three Orange Symbols multiplies by 10.
  • On Paytable 2, find the Special Odds for a bigger prize. Get All Blue 7s to multiply your points by 1000, or any eight blue 7s to multiply your points by 200. And for the Special Odds, hit an all Watermelon Symbols to multiply points by 60, and other winning combos! For the JP info, Any Symbol Of The Same Wins All Same JP. And lastly is the Bunny Girl (Multiplier): When the symbol appears in the following four rounds, you will win “Your Score” doubled (2x) and so on.
  • Enter the Fever Game by qualifying certain conditions.
  • Refer to the images for all the symbol functions available in the game.