Goldern Bar

Live Casino


Are you an adventure and thrill seeker? Or perhaps, you love treasure hunting? Look for the Golden Bar for a chance to win a fortune that could change your life! Try your luck at the Golden Bar Online Slot!

  • On your game screen, find different buttons each has its corresponding function. By clicking Info, you’ll read about the gameplay, the “Auto Play” automatically plays the game for you, the “Max Bet” to bet larger on each round, or “Bet” to bet on every round. Refer to the image for complete description.
  • Find the “Pay Tables” showing the Normal Odds and Special Line Odds. [Refer to the Pay table image for the corresponding points carried by every symbol.]
  • For the Normal Odds, hit a Star Symbol to get 25 points, a Bell symbol for 12 points or an Orange for 5 points.
  • For the Special Line Odds, get three Bell symbols for 15 points or three Orange symbols for 8 points.
  • Then, there are Super Line Odds that give you the highest points. For example, five Bell Symbols earn you 250 points or 5 Star Symbols earn you 300 points!
  • Composite Symbols are also in the gameplay. At the right or left upper corner of your game screen, you will find the composite symbols that can win you more prizes by placing the minimum bet required. For example, place at least 200 bets on the Bell and Star Symbol combo on the left bottom corner of your game screen and win more prizes!
  • There are also Jackpot Symbols that multiply your winnings. For example, hit four Jackpot Symbols to win four (4) times the JP 100%.
  • Bet to activate all betting lines for 100% action.