Lucky clown

The 3D Clown is another exciting slot online game on our site. It lets you play and win in three types of games – the Main Game, the Fever Game and the Double Game. Check out the following for the rules of every game.

Main Game

  • Your winning point will be calculated by multiplying both the betting points and the prize ratio.
  • Additional points will be awarded when the points accumulate and reach the dealer’s set point and when all the numbers in the 9-grid block are the same.
  • You can earn a Free Spin when any of the Free Spin symbols appear three in a row.

Fever Game (or the Free Spin Round)

  • Only the Clown Symbols will appear during the Fever Games. Get matching clowns of the same and win a corresponding number of free spins. In this game, there can be blank figures to appear, too.

Double Game

  • You can enter this game if you have accumulated required points during the main game. The winning point from the main game will be used as betting point in this game.
  • You’ll choose from any of the three reels rolling in the lower portion. The betting point will double when the shown figures are larger than the dealer’s number. If not, the betting point will become “0” and you need to exit the Double Game round.
  • Extra Bonus Points will be given when similar three figures show regardless the prize is won or not.