Lucky Pirates

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Sail the ocean of fate! Enjoy our Pirates online slot and have a chance to win a prize. There are three games available – the traditional reel game and special games, such as the Magic Bottle bonus, Double Game, Free Spin and Magic Chest Bonus Game.

From right to left or from left to right, there are rows. The prize will be determined by multiplying the betting points and the prize ratio. You can enter the Double Game after accumulating points in the Main Game. When three Dagger Thrower symbols appear in the 15 blocks, the symbol chooses Magic Chest Bonus, Magic Bottle Bonus, Free Spin X10 or Free Spin X5.

Double Game

  • If you didn’t press the Winning Point Button, you can enter the Double Game and your winning points in the Main Game will be your betting point in the Double Game. In this game, you can select from red or black or from four figures, such as Spade, Diamond, Heart or Club. And if you guessed correctly, your betting point will double. If not, your betting point will become “0” and you will exit the Double Game.

Magic Bottle Bonus

  • Select from one of the three magic bottles and play in three rounds. Your points will be calculated by multiplying the ratio sum of your selected figures and betting point.
  • The three bottles will start moving in a circular direction. You can “Enter” in order to open a bottle selected. If you failed at choosing from any of the bottles after the time, the computer will automatically select for you.

Magic Chest Bonus

  • Select from the seven chests. Your points will be determined by multiplying the ratio sum of the selected chest and betting point.
  • Again, the rules are the same. Press “Enter” on your chosen chest. If the “Skull” appears, your game is over. The computer will automatically select a chest after the time is up if you didn’t.

Free Spin: You can play for Free spins for up to 10 times in the main game. Your prize and loss ratio will be the same as with the Main Game.

Jackpot: When three “Jackpot” Symbols appear in one line, you will win JP3; four, JP4; and five, JP5.