Lucky Poney

Live Casino


Do you love horseracing games but you don’t feel like going out, seeing your local bookmaker and betting on a horserace? Play our horseracing-themed slots! The mechanics are easy! Here they are.

  • You can use bet units in order to bet on each horse. The horseracing game begins after 40 seconds.
  • On your game screen, see terms like “Member No” (your member number), “Total win” (winning credits), “Bet” (your bets), “Yellow numbers” (your odds changing for each round), “Black numbers” (Max bet, 500; Min bet, 1), Single (bet on each horse) and “Quinella” (a combination bet on two horses).
  • If a player’s Quinella wins, the winning combination is that showing on the right hand side.
  • When all the horses reached finished line, the game will replay the two winning horses. The final result for the round will be shown on your screen.