Monkey King

Live Casino


You don’t need a kingdom to rule when you can be the Monkey King in the world of online slots. Take control of the game keys and let’s get started collecting wealth and building your real world kingdom. Check out the following simple mechanics to play the Monkey King.

  • “Bet” places bets.
  • “Auto play” automatically plays for you. Use this function if you want to multitask while playing slots online. Predetermine the amount to bet and play automatically without being physically present to control the game.
  • “Start” begins the game once bets are confirmed.
  • “See pays” shows the paytables.
  • “Stop A, Stop B, Stop C” manually stops a particular or all the wheels.
  • You’ll win a prize by matching three symbols in the same line.
  • In the Normal Odds for the Main Game, all pays on lit lines only, while all pays on lit symbols only if and when you played at least a minimum bet required in the Special Odds found in the Main Game. In the Fever Games are the Fever Odds in which all pays on lit lines only.