Ninja Legend

Live Casino


Does the sound of ninjas make you feel excited? Do you fascinate about becoming a ninja (shinobi), a covert mercenary or agent in feudal Japan that infiltrates, sabotage and spies? Be a ninja for a day or two by playing this ninja-inspired slot online. Enjoy and win big prizes! Here are the rules.

  • Each symbol has its corresponding points. For example, three (3) As total 10 or three (3) Js total 5.
  • You’ll win a prize if you match 5 symbols on the same line from wheels 1 to 5.
  • There are nine paylines in the game.
  • Refer to the image for the bet lines. You should play all 9 lines for maximum chances of winning by activating all the paylines.
  • A Wild/Fan Symbol makes the game even more exciting. It can replace other symbols appearing on the same wheel.