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Party anytime – alone or with a crowd – by playing Party88, which lets you enjoy your slot games from home or on mobile. Even without much gambling experience, you’ll have the chance to win the jackpot prize simply by understanding the game mechanics you’ll find in the following.

  • The Feature Function can be activated randomly at the end of any spin of the reels. And then if one or more of Wilds substitute in a winning combo, the payout for that win will be multiplied by 2, 3 or up to 88.
  • There is also the Odds Table. For example, hitting five (5) Wilds earn you 888 points, four Ks total 38 and so on. Refer to the complete Odds Table in the image shown.
  • For the buttons’ functions: “Spin” starts spinning the reels, “Bet” places a bet in the game, “1:1” changes the score ratio and “Info” leads to the help and guide section.
  • The “Free Game” can be activated with at least three Scatters and then let you select the type of game feature to play. The “Feature” function can be activated again during your Free Games in which you can get the same as the numbers of Free Games that you have pre-selected.