Pilgrimage to the west

Begin your journey to the West by playing this 9-payline and 15-reel online slot with straightforward rules that even first timers won’t have a hard time understanding. Remember that all the paylines are counted from the left to the right, except the “Any All,” “All” or “Bonus.” The wins vary based on the per line bet made.

  • Main Game: Select from and bet on as many lines as you wish. If you win, your winnings will be calculated by multiplying a win by the per line bet made.
  • The Wild Symbol can substitute for any symbols, except the JP, “Any All,” “All” and bonus symbols.



Remember that the same symbols appearing in the 15 grids each have corresponding odds x bet total.  Matching symbols have their corresponding odds that are multiplied by your total bet without the Wild Symbol.

  • Skeleton Demon Game: Choose a screen to open. A Skeleton Demon appearing will stop the game. Your winnings will be based on the odds of the women behind those screens x the total bet in the main game.
  • Flaming Mountain: Choose a magic palm leaf fan to kill the fire. If you get a Fake Fan, the game is over. Your winnings are based on the odds of the women appearing behind the screens x main slot game total bet.
  • Jackpot:  Trigger JP3, JP2 or JP1 by hitting a combination of jackpot symbols 5JP symbols, 4 JP symbols or 3 JP symbols.