Roulette Paradise


Roulette Paradise

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Spin and win a prize!  Play this roulette game, which follows the   European roulette rules, and have a chance to win a big jackpot. Find out how by reading the following.

  • Main Game: There are 37 numbers – 1-36 (alternating in red and black colors) and a zero (green).
  • Bonus mode: A bonus game will be started randomly from two to four wheels prior to a spin. The bet you selected isn’t going to change in this mode.
  • Outside bets: There are five combinations in the outside bets, and there are winning multiples of Red or Black (2); Odd or Even (2), Column (2 to 1), Low or High (2) and Dozen (3).
  • Inside bets: Winning multiples of a single number are 36, possibility 2.6%; multiple of 2 numbers (Split) are 18, 5.4%; Street are 12, 8.1%; Corner based on the center cross are 9, 10.8%; and Six are 6, 16.2%.
  • Customizing bets: You can preselect four combinations.

Advance bets: Before spinning, press “Confirm” to verify advance bets.