Shark Party

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Take slot gaming to the next level! Try our Bar Slot Game, if you want something different other than the traditional reel-based game. The game has two parts – the double game and the animal bets.

There are eight different animals – pigeon, eagle, beasts, swallow, monkey, lion, panda and rabbit. Then, there are also three shark colors – blue, gold and silver. A double game is a bet made on the beasts and the birds. Bet on sharks also hold a corresponding prize.



Main game

  • The central light shoots on 28 animals; the odds are either fixed or changing on each round that has a corresponding time limit.
  • The bet on the animals or the double game on every round will have its corresponding payout x animal bet and payout ratio.
  • The total win for every round is your wins on the animal bets + double game wins.

Double game

The odds are multiplied by two when either the beasts or the birds win, but the odds are fixed in every round.

Rewards and prizes

For an ordinary prize, you bet on eight different animals, double game and three shark colors and win a prize.

[What are the shark odds? Blue x 24; Gold floating odds x 36- 99; or Silver Shark x 36]

Bonus items

Shark bonus: Hit a shark and win both your prize and a FREE Game, or get a bet match that the central light will shoot to.

Your win will be based on the wins from the shark wins + the winnings from the animal bets + the winnings from the double game.

The Jackpot

  • It is activated at random.
  • You will win a prize in that round, a JP and a free game if the central light stops at the gold shark on which you bet. The amount of JP is based on the bet amount.
  • Numbers after the decimals in the JP aren’t included.
  • A JP is distributed, not divided among the winners and is awarded based on the bet amount and JP specified. The calculation – winning prize x gold shark bet or gold shark max bet.
  • The wins is equal to the gold shark bet + animal bet wins + double game wins + amount of JP.
  • Bonus – Three Sharks: Hit silver, gold and blue sharks, and an animal to win a JP. The winning for this round is bets on the three shark colors + animal bet + double game bet + JP amount.