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Amp up the excitement of your slot game with our 3D Speed online slot that has two parts – car and baccarat game. Betting on the cars is to choose and bet on 24 cars to find on the wheel. These cars are of four different brands – Audi, BMW, Benz and Ferrari. They are in green, yellow and red. The other game, the baccarat, is to bet on three options – the tie, the player or the banker.

Main Game

  • Odds vary in each round. The odds are shown during the countdown.
  • Players will win when the car or baccarat has matched in the game result, and the prize is based from the bet x odds.
  • The total wins will be car bet winning + baccarat bet winning.
  • In the baccarat, the odds are fixed, and these are multiplied by two when either the player or the banker wins, or multiplied by 8 if the tie bet wins.
  • If no player bet on the tie, the bets will be returned to those who have bet on either the banker or the player.
  • If a player bet on the tie and it wins, the prize will go to that winning player.
  • Ordinary prize is given to a winning bet on baccarat and cars.
  • Special prize is given to a player who predicted the game result.

Jackpot (JP)

  • It is given randomly. When a car bet matches the game result, the player will win both the ordinary prize and an extra prize. The jackpot amount is based on the bet amount. Please refer to the table for a complete description. Simply, the “Win” is determined by the JP multiplied by the JP ratio.
  • The figures showing after the decimal point are not included.
  • The JP isn’t divided in the event of multiple winners. Each will have a prize depending on the bet amount and JP ratio.

Special Features

  • “Flashing Lightning” is sent out based on double or triple floating odds on each round.
  • “Three Crowns” is sent out on the winning cars of the same brand and in three different colors. For example, you will win it if you hit a Benz in red, yellow and green.
  • “Four Stars” is awarded to the player who bet on cars of four brands in the same color. For example, betting on each of the car brand in the game of the same color, such as yellow, wins you a prize!