Super 8A

Live Casino


Who says bonuses are only a reward for a good deed or an incentive at the end of the year when it could be an anytime reward in our Super8Ways Bonus Spin Fortune Slots! Check out the following for what you need to know about it:

  • There are nine reels and eight lines in the game.
  • Get three matching symbols in the same line and win a prize!
  • See the paytable for the payout for a winning combination. For example, three As earn you 5 or 3 Js earn you 1.
  • For bonuses, get nine Ks and earn 3000 or nine As for 4000. Refer to the screenshots for a complete table of winning payouts.
  • Get a Free Game symbol on the center reel and play Free Games. The free game symbol is always on the center reel.