Super 8B

Live Casino


Win in multiple ways in our Super8Ways Bonus Spin online slot! Inspired by traditional reel slot we’d often find in a land-based casino, the slot game gives you many chances of winning – and so its name!

  • There are 9 reels and 8 lines in the game.
  • Hitting three symbols in the same line wins you a prize.
  • On the paytable, refer to the winning combos and their corresponding prize. For example, getting three Blue 7s win you 50 points or three Bar Symbols earn you 10.
  • There are also special bonuses waiting for you. Getting nine Watermelon symbols earn you 2000, while any seven of it earns you 80. Refer to the image for the complete payout to receive per winning matching symbols.
  • The Wild Symbol also brings good luck! Get it at the center reel and earn free games in which the Wilds are fixed in the center of the reel.